Upper Missouri G&T Electric Cooperative, Inc. doing business as Upper Missouri Power Cooperative was organized in 1957 to serve transmission needs of rural electric cooperatives in eastern Montana and western North Dakota. Today, Upper Missouri provides service to eleven distribution cooperatives:  six in eastern Montana and five in western North Dakota. The eleven Member Systems serve 79,266 meters to farms, ranches, homes, and businesses in 37 counties, covering 54,826 square miles.

Upper Missouri sources power from two major suppliers:  Western Area Power Administration (WAPA) and Basin Electric Power Cooperative.  In 2022, energy purchased from WAPA represented 2.94% of total sales and Basin was 97.06%, respectively.

Upper Missouri administers the transmission delivery metering services for most of its service area.   There are currently 229 delivery points used in the billing of its members.  Upper Missouri also uses these delivery meters to provide high accuracy real-time data to Basin.   

Upper Missouri is rate-regulated by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and continues to have high-volume sales growth due to the oil/gas development in the Bakken region, with a peak load of 1,684 MW.   Energy sales in 2022 totaled 11,710,904 MWh.    Sales in 2022 were 6.27% above 2021 sales and continued growth is projected to continue over the next decade.